Our mission is to educate the building and design communities and policymakers on the benefits of ready mixed concrete and encourage its use as the building material of choice for low- to mid-rise structures. No other material can replicate concrete’s advantages in terms of strength, sustainability, durability, safety and ease of use.

A strong community makes a difference.

Backed by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Build with Strength is a coalition of architects, builders, engineers, emergency services personnel and policymakers.

A more sustainable environment is part of our responsibility.

The building sector is responsible for almost half the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. It’s up to all of us in the industry to promote sustainable building materials and reduce carbon emissions. That’s why we’re choosing to lead the way with concrete – one of the most innovative, enduring, and sustainable products available.

Every building you create leaves a lasting impression.

We choose concrete over other construction materials because of its advantages when it comes to strength, safety, versatility and long-term value.

Hundreds of lives rely on what you build.

Stand with concrete and all the benefits that it brings—especially when it comes to residential buildings.

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